About us


ECOFRUCT is the first organic company in Romania. The owners of the company are among the pioneers of the economical activity in ecology field in Germany, respectively in Romania.

ECOFRUCT company provides the following categories of organic products: wild fruits, organic forest mushrooms and spontaneous flora medical plants, fruits, vegetables, cereals from organic crops, ecological honey. To find out more about the variety of the products, please consult the ECOFRUCT products program.

The following categories of products: wild fruits, mushrooms, medicinal plants originate in unspoiled nature, in the extremely rich and various floras of the Romanian Carpathians which represent about 1/3 from the total area of Romania, about 80,000 km2.

The sun, the rich and clean waters, the diversity of the vegetation, all explain the special taste of these products.

In order to realize the quantities and the varieties of the wild products demanded on the market, ECOFRUCT has organized the harvest activity in most of the Carpathians.

This means acquisition areas, warehouses, cold houses and acquisition teams. The harvesting teams are especially instructed to respect the organic regulations.

It's interesting to mention that a harvest man climbs the mountains from 800 m, where the last inhabited houses are situated, until 2000 m. These men have to spend the nights in wilderness in order to harvest about 40 kg of fruits, quantity that justifies the about 40-50 km travelling.

They have a harvesting technique that the modern world has almost forgotten about, but the products are so interesting that the effort is worthwhile.

The fruits have an extraordinary diversity: blueberries, lingonberries, underbrush, raspberries, blackberries and other 40 different sorts of wild fruits.

ECOFRUCT is organic certified by ECOCERT RO-ECO-007 și ISO 9001/2015 de catre URS / UKAS-Quality management.
PDF Documentary evidence to the operator according to Article 29(1) of Regulation (EC) No 834/2007 referred to in Article 68 of this Regulation
PDF Anex I of certificate No. 17/181004/RO/699273
The company sells, besides organic products, a wide range of conventional products.